HypeScout, a SaaS based Bangladeshi influencer marketing startup that facilitates connections for social media influencers and brands. HypeScout started its journey in 2020 to assist brands in reaching their target groups through influencers using data-driven technology while simultaneously helping the influencers with profitable opportunities in monetizing their content. Within a week of its establishment, the platform was being used by 19 brands & 195 influencers. From this humble start, we are now loved by over 4,500 brands & 32,000 influencers. In this short journey, the platform has seen over 1,800 successful campaigns & over 7,000 successful paid collaborations.

Why we like it

Quite often, when we ask founders about their customer acquisition strategy, we are told that they'll use Facebook ads. The issue, of course, is that the data set to segment and target users via social media in Bangladesh is still not up to par, which means the return on investment (ROI) on such expenditures is low and inefficient. This is where HypeScout can not only assist but also empower thousands and thousands of people to share what they love with their friends and family while generating income. We also believe HypeScout's product is one of the best we've seen in the region and has the potential to help Bangladeshi and international influencers to have a wider reach than ever before while helping their clients have the best usage of their marketing spend.